Family photo in desert of Phoenix, AZ

Every time I do a family photo session in the Phoenix desert... I fall more in love.

I’ve been photographing this beautiful family for a few years now, and every time I see them it gets better. Family photos are one of those things that can cause stress and maybe a little anxiety in the time leading up to the actual session. But they always turn out 100% better when you relax and lean into it - lean into the messy, the imperfect, the chaos, and go in without expectations. I remember snack breaks happening, bribery for "just one more smile", a fall here and there from tripping over a rock. But these parents leaned in, remained patient and calm, and extended grace. And you know what? This is one of my favorite sessions of all time because you can SEE the love. You can see the grace and admiration between the four of them. It was truly a gift to witness.

I adore you Curlee Family- thank you for being you and allowing me the beautiful opportunity to work with you all again.

Now that you know you're not alone in feeling a little anxious before a family photo session, are there any questions I can answer for you? Maybe you're ready to book your own session? If so, contact me here! I cant wait to meet you and all the perfect chaos along the way.

Family of 4 pose for family pictures
Mom and daughter during family photos in Phoenix, AZ
Walking family photo pose in desert
Siblings pose during family photos in desert of Phoenix, AZ
candid photo of little boy during family photos
Sibling hugging during family photos
Dad and children pose for family photos in Phoenix, AZ
Baby girl portrait during family photos
Mother and children portrait during family photos in Phoenix, AZ
Family of 4 lifestyle photos in Phoenix, AZ
Sablings hugging during family photos in Phoenix, AZ
Candid family photo in desert of Phoenix
Mother and daughter family pictures
Lifestyle Family pictures in Phoenix, AZ
Little boy lifestyle portrait