Caitlin’s Mommy & Me Session | Scottsdale Family Photographer

The Moore family is by far one of my husband and I’s greatest examples in how to handle this crazy thing we call life. When you think of two parents who have really done things “right”… That would be the Moore’s and now that we have our own little guy on the way, we can’t wait to learn and grow as parents simply by knowing them. Not only are they a sweet, loving, caring, and generous family, they are probably one of the cutest! I feel so blessed to have them in our lives and to be able to capture memories with them and their little ones that they will be able to cherish for a lifetime! THANK YOU MOORE FAMILY FOR SIMPLY BEING YOU! 2015-05-08_00012015-05-08_00072015-05-08_00022015-05-08_00092015-05-08_00042015-05-08_00052015-05-08_00062015-05-08_00102015-05-08_00122015-05-08_00082015-05-08_0011

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