Mommy Life – 2 & 3


Being as Barrett is already 3 months old and somehow I managed to completely space over writing his 2 month update, I am just going to combine them this month and call it good ha!

WE DID IT YOU GUYS, We made it out of the “fourth trimester”! I look back at the past 3 months and I can remember all the happy, exhausting, playful, scary, wonderful, exhausting, hilarious (and did I say exhausting ;)) moments but the time in which they’ve happened have seemed to just mush together into this big clump of memories. I find myself asking every day, where has the time gone and who is this big ‘ol baby I have in front of me? I ask him EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to stop growing but he just isn’t listening ;) I am guessing this is just a glimpse into our future haha!

Whats on my mommy mind these past two months:

  • Barrett is learning so many new things this month and I can’t decide whether to be happy about it or cry because my little lump of a newborn is becoming a real baby who has personality! Every time he coos and makes noises, my heart about bursts from joy but then the realization kicks in that soon those little noises will be actual words, then shortly after that full-blown sentences and then I have a panic attack… Why is it that being a parent makes you feel like a crazy person? I go from happy to sad in a matter of seconds! BUT, then he smiles and coos at me again and I realize that I am the luckiest momma in the world and I suddenly can’t wait to hear his first words, hear him make jokes and hear him tell me he loves me. I then ask myself why I ever get sad in the first place? It is a never-ending circle my friends.


  • We are FINALLY getting into what feels like a pretty good routine! PHEW! He wakes, eats, and sleep mostly at the same time everyday which has been a godsend! But then of course he throws in those days where he wants nothing to do with a routine, wants to be held all day long, refuses to nap, and wants to eat whenever and wherever he pleases. In simpler words, everything goes out the window… I think he does it just to confuse me, ha! I just picture him saying “mom is getting too comfortable, lets throw her a curveball”! Being a mommy is definitely teaching me to let go but my type A personality and I are struggling with this big time. I like to plan, and with a 3 month old, planning is near impossible. SO, my goal for this next month is to really focus on just living in the moment and not worrying about every detail of our day being planned because honestly, those curve-ball days have become my favorite. I need to be grateful for those days where he wants nothing but cuddles because I know they are short-lived.

So, I have concluded after being a mommy a mere 3 months… my baby needs to stop growing, I need to go with the flow, that my life is now complete and my love for this little boy continues to grow everyday.

Stay tuned for Mommy Life – Month 4 (If I can remember to do it next month haha!)




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