Mommy Life – Barrett’s First Month

I truly can’t believe it has been a month since we welcomed Barrett into this crazy world.

When I am awake at 2 am with a screaming newborn, time seems to stand still and I find myself wondering if this stage of our lives will ever pass. But looking back, I can’t believe we have already had a whole month of sleepless but amazing nights.

These past 4 weeks have been less than easy… Between breastfeeding issues, a tongue tie procedure, and an emergency hospital visit for me, I am wondering how we have even survived? People tell you over and over again that parenting is hard, but I feel like no amount of being told this will ever prepare you for how truly hard it is.

But then I have mornings like this… I am wearing Barrett in his favorite Solly Wrap soaking in all of these precious baby cuddles that I know are short-lived and I want to make time stop. I want him to be this small and helpless forever. I want him to need me as much as he does right now forever.

Barrett just outgrew his newborn clothes, he makes eye contact with people now, and we are finally getting to meet his crazy but perfect little personality. He is becoming more and more of an individual instead of this adorable little lump that cries, poops, and eats constantly. I am looking forward to seeing him grow but already miss my little lump…

I always assumed I would be one of those moms who pops out a baby and 2 days later has life figured out again. I assumed my house would always be clean, laundry would always be done and there would be dinner on the table every night… boy was I wrong. I haven’t truly cleaned my house in 4 weeks, my poor husband has had to re-wear his scrubs twice in a row to work, and I have forgotten about dinner all together every single night this week. Why I thought life would return to normal and I could manage everything on my own is beyond me but I am so grateful for this time where I don’t have things figured out… It has allowed me endless hours to do nothing but stare at my son and be what he needs me to be… a mommy.

I apologize if this post makes me sound extremely hormonal and sleep deprived (which I am), but I will be grateful one year down the road when I read back and can laugh at this post and remember this season in our adventure with Mr. Barrett Minsky…

Stay tuned for more ramblings from month 2 ;)



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  • Michelle Schneider - Oh girl. It’s all so true! Being a parent and new mother is hard hard hard. And, while everyone always says to enjoy every stage, the newborn sleep-deprivation and nursing stage is incredibly tough! I was so relieved when, after 6 intensely difficult months, I was finally able to let myself stop breastfeeding. For some reason I held onto it so long, when it never got any easier! I’m hoping it’s a little easier maybe the second time around?? I don’t know! But what I do know is this- you are doing a marvelous job!! The baby is beautiful and your house, I’m sure, is cozy despite the mess. You can do this!ReplyCancel

    • KOURTNEY - Michelle,
      Thank you so much for such a sweet message! Hearing from other mommas like you definitely make this season in our lives easier! :)ReplyCancel