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Hi guys! Happy Saturday!

Sometimes I have things I want to tell you or share with you that don’t necessarily fit into a blog post about a recent session. And since my posting has been a little lighter these days, I thought to myself that now is as good as a time as ever to add a little mini-post once in awhile to share things I have found, things I love, and a little about whats going on behind the scenes at KMP. The links may be a new beauty product, home decor item, yummy recipe, or fun baby items. Because lets face it, 99% of what I buy nowadays is for my kid.

So, loves and links. Hope you enjoy!

( Photo Credit: This is the super cute desktop background mentioned below by Lauren Carns )

Bev Cooks  makes the funniest insta-stories. She has the best sense of humor when it comes to parenting her twins. Check her out!

I worked with Lauren almost 2 years ago on a branding project and she is the sweetest gal ever with some serious design talent. Plus she made this really cool desktop background that I am obsessed with.

Have you browsed Urban Outfitters home accessories section lately? Loving the style!

Coffee Milkshakes? Yes please!


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