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( excuse the awful iphone pic but come one, so cute :)  )

I am already having so much fun with this loves + links series. I can’t wait to share more ramblings of whats going on in my personal life outside of the business and sharing with you  some of my favorite finds.

Barrett is almost 17 months old and I really don’t know where time has gone. I keep saying every age is my favorite but right now he is just so much fun. We got him a play outdoor BBQ last month and it is hilarious to see him “cooking” us some hotdogs. His vocabulary is also blowing my mind! He definitely knows more animals sounds than words and its gosh-dang adorable. His love of animals is the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen… hence the picture above.

Speaking of Barrett, when he was born my husband got me the sweetest push present and I am still obsessed with them. I have two, one with his name and one with his birthstone. Lisa Leonard is a jewelry genius! Give me all the jewelry please ;)

I often think of love languages with my husband, but I am making it a goal to remind myself of love languages between friends too. Have you heard of the 5 love languages? Anna went through them in a  post awhile ago and its pretty great!

My husband and I recently started counting our macros with flexible dieting and it is amazing. The type A personality that I have makes all the counting and logging so much fun. Kaci Luvi has such an amazing blog and has been a great resource for getting started! And I LOVE her instagram so go check her out! I am starting to eat the same things everyday for simplicity sake… Any of you have any macro friendly recipes you love? PUH-LEEEEASE share :)



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