Emerson’s Nursery Reveal

Oh, baby boy. We can’t wait to meet you. I come into your room almost daily with your big brother and sit in the rocking chair as he plays on the floor trying to picture what it will be like when you get here. Will you have dark hair or blonde like Barrett? Will you have my eyes or your Dad’s? Dreaming of you and picturing what our new life will look like in less than 10 weeks is one of my favorite past times.

I can’t begin to explain how surreal it felt to put this nursery together. I know that Emerson may not sleep in here for a while, it’s going to get messy, pretty things will be broken or stained, and have been told “we probably won’t go all out for our second kid’s nursery.” But if we’re really being honest, the nursery is for the parents, fulfilling that need to create a space for new baby! And I’m ok with that!

My husband had one request for the nursery, safari. My first thought was “Oh-no! How am I going to do a safari theme while sticking to the aesthetics I had envisioned for the room?”. But after hours upon hours of searching for the perfect pieces, painting the dresser, scouring stores for the “right” things… I think we have finally achieved the nursery that we both wanted for our little guy. Barrett absolutely loves the nursery and points at the giraffe and elephant every time we go past this room. It is so fun to see him play in here knowing he will soon have a little partner in crime to play alongside him.

There were a few key pieces that really helped tie this whole room together. The main one being our incredible area rug by Lorena Canal. It is the softest, most comfortable rug I have ever felt (I purposely go barefoot in this room because I love the feeling of the rug on my feet, HA!). The best part about this rug, IT IS MACHINE WASHABLE!!! Whaaaaaaat?! I KNOW! That was my first thought too! The rug is made to fit in all standard washing machines, and lets face it, I am about to have two boys and life is about to get messy. The fact that I can just roll it up, throw it in the wash, and not have to worry about little messes or spills is going to be a lifesaver for me. Another great thing for all my mama’s out there, this rug is completely natural. No harsh chemicals or materials were used in the making of our Lorena Canal rug so I don’t have to worry about my little guys playing on it and brushing up against their skin. I officially need one of these rugs in every single room in my house!

2017-10-12_0026.jpg* I recieved the Lorena Canal rug for free in collaboration with their company, all opionions are my own.

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