Emerson’s Nursery + Baby Bump Update | Phoenix Family Photographer

I am officially 23 weeks ( + 3 days but who’s counting, HA) with baby boy Emerson! Where has time gone? I thought it would be fun to share a little bump update with you guys.

Size: Baby is the size of a grapefruit! At nearly 1.5 pounds, baby is growing at a lightening speed! It’s crazy to me that this belly is so big but baby is only a grapefruit! How the heck do they come up with these size comparisons because I find them hilarious!

Symptoms: LEG CRAMPS! I am waking up almost every night with awful charlie-horses and nothing I have tried is helping? Any mammas out there have any tricks?

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: Dresses. So comfortable and the only thing I will wear until the end of this pregnancy. The End.
Food cravings: I saw a bag of candy corn at the grocery store two weeks ago and literally ate the whole thing in two days and now its all I can think about! I have always loved them, but this craving is out of control. This might stem from my distaste of this summer heat and I am convinced if I wish hard enough, Fall will come early this year ;)
Currently working on: THE NURSERY!!! Here is a little style board I put together for Emerson and I am so excited. Our whole home is very neutral, bright, and white so I wanted his room to tie in with the rest of the house but personalize it for him. My husband requested safari animals so I found these adorable prints on Etsy and everything else just fell into place. We are nearly done purchasing everything we need and will be putting the finishing touches on the room soon. I will do a full nursery tour here on the blog once it’s done.
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