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When I was pregnant with Barrett, I knew right away that I wanted to breastfeed. Not only did I want that for him because I knew all the health benefits, but I wanted it for me. I knew I wanted that special time with him everyday where it is just him and I.

It wasnt until he was born that I realized how difficult it would be, and that is a whole post on its own, but there are a few things that made something that didn’t come easy to Barrett and I a little better. One, the support of my husband… He would listen to me cry, hold my hand, give me encouragement, go to all of our lactation consultant appointments, and just be there for me no questions asked. The second thing that helped me TREMENDOUSLY, my Covered Goods!

When Jamie sent me an amazing collection of covers to be a #CGEnthusiast, I couldn’t believe how soft, lightweight but sturdy, and beautiful they were! Plus, they were created by a momma for other mommas. How could I not love them?

The Covered Goods is described as a multi use cover, and boy are they ever! I use them as a nursing cover (obviously) and what I love most is that they actually COVER you. I am not always wearing ‘nursing friendly’ tops when I am out an about but with my Covered Goods I never have to worry about feeling exposed when I am out an about. It covers both Barrett and I and makes us both comfortable when we have to feed on the go!

Being as this is Arizona and it is hot 99.9% of the year, I love how breathable the fabric is! I can nurse him under the cover without worrying about Barrett getting too warm which saves me from having a very cranky and sweaty little boy!

I also use them as a car seat cover on a daily basis, what a lifesaver that has been! The Covered Goods fits so well over our car seat and proves Barrett shade, allows him to take some pretty epic naps while we run errands, and protects him from all the handsy strangers who we meet ( He is so darn cute, I don’t blame them HAHA!).

Covered Goods isn’t only a nursing cover and car seat cover, I use them as blankets since they are SO soft. If they made them bigger, I would probably cuddle with them myself! And on more than once occasion I have had to use it as a burp rag because lets face it, our diaper bag isn’t always stocked like it should be ;) Once Barrett gets older it can be used at the grocery store as a cart cover and I am so excited!

So mommas, if you don’t have a Covered Goods already, GO GET ONE RIGHT NOW! They will make your life so much easier whether you are nursing or not.


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