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It has been the craziest month you guys! Between work, cramming in all of my last-minute sessions before my maternity leave starts, finishing the nursery, family visiting, and just the business of life, I truly don’t know how we are already half way through October…

Speaking of the nursery? Did you see the big reveal? It is easily one of my favorite rooms in our home at the moment.

Has anyone heard of this company? I am so intrigued by the concept and love the idea behind what they do! And $3 for organic honey? WHAT? I literally just paid like $10 at the store yesterday! I browsed their selections and couldn’t believe all the fun stuff they had to offer.

I have always loved the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I hate the feeling of looking in my closet, feeling like I have nothing to wear, and then throwing on the same outfit I wear all the time. When Lauren came up with a Fall capsule wardrobe for her baby girl, it made me want to not only do one for Barrett but start planning mine for post baby! Have you ever tried one? Any tips?

Speaking of Lauren, she is always wearing the cutest t-shirts in her Instagram stories and I finally found them! They are the perfect combination of flowy and fitted and I love that I don’t have to wear a tank underneath them. They no longer fit over the baby bump but I can’t wait to add these back into my outfit rotation.

I know its Fall and I should be sharing pumpkin recipes, baked treats, comfort food, etc. BUT I made one of these smoothie bowls for breakfast last week and now its all I can think about… What is wrong with me? HA!



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Fall Outfit Inspiration from Amazon | Phoenix, AZ Family Photographer

If your family is anything like mine, we use Amazon Prime almost weekly! Not that I am proud of that habit but come on, next day delivery on diapers and baby wipes? YES PLEASE! HA!

I have had quite a few clients email me and ask me for ideas on what to wear for their upcoming sessions this Fall after reading the KMP Style Guide that gets sent to every client after booking a session. I thought it would be fun to combine my love of Amazon and photo sessions and curate a list of outfits for the whole family that would photograph amazingly well, are super affordable, and come straight to your door with no need to go shopping!

Lets start with outfits for all my mama’s! These are all dresses except for the last link which is a skirt. All of these items are $30 and under! How can you beat that? All of these dresses would coordinate with any of the pieces I have linked below for the rest of the family as well.

one // two // three // four // five // six

Men are normally a little easier to shop for and similar items can be found almost anywhere but how great would it be to just purchase all at once and save yourself driving around town? Those ties aren’t necessarily an outfit idea but the colors are amazing and could help tie in your color scheme! Accessories on men and women always add so much to an outfit and help tie your look together.

one // two // three // four // five // six

I had so much fun finding all these adorable options for your little guys. With kids, you want them to be comfortable in their outfits, otherwise they tend to be less cooperative at the actual session! All of these pieces are versatile enough to match whatever mama is wearing and will keep your boys comfortable enough for lots of snuggles during the shoot.

one // two // three // four // five // six

Being a boy mama myself, I had so much fun looking at all the adorable girl options out there! These pieces are all so soft and sweet and will coordinate so great with any of the above pieces. Pair these with little bows, stockings, and some cute sandals or boots and your little girl will be all set!

one // two // three // four // five // six

As you can see, all the pieces are neutral and stick within a soft color scheme! You don’t have to avoid color but staying away from the bright primary colors, neons, and super dark colors you can keep the light and airy look that matches the way I shoot and edit my photographs.

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Emerson’s Nursery Reveal

Oh, baby boy. We can’t wait to meet you. I come into your room almost daily with your big brother and sit in the rocking chair as he plays on the floor trying to picture what it will be like when you get here. Will you have dark hair or blonde like Barrett? Will you have my eyes or your Dad’s? Dreaming of you and picturing what our new life will look like in less than 10 weeks is one of my favorite past times.

I can’t begin to explain how surreal it felt to put this nursery together. I know that Emerson may not sleep in here for a while, it’s going to get messy, pretty things will be broken or stained, and have been told “we probably won’t go all out for our second kid’s nursery.” But if we’re really being honest, the nursery is for the parents, fulfilling that need to create a space for new baby! And I’m ok with that!

My husband had one request for the nursery, safari. My first thought was “Oh-no! How am I going to do a safari theme while sticking to the aesthetics I had envisioned for the room?”. But after hours upon hours of searching for the perfect pieces, painting the dresser, scouring stores for the “right” things… I think we have finally achieved the nursery that we both wanted for our little guy. Barrett absolutely loves the nursery and points at the giraffe and elephant every time we go past this room. It is so fun to see him play in here knowing he will soon have a little partner in crime to play alongside him.

There were a few key pieces that really helped tie this whole room together. The main one being our incredible area rug by Lorena Canal. It is the softest, most comfortable rug I have ever felt (I purposely go barefoot in this room because I love the feeling of the rug on my feet, HA!). The best part about this rug, IT IS MACHINE WASHABLE!!! Whaaaaaaat?! I KNOW! That was my first thought too! The rug is made to fit in all standard washing machines, and lets face it, I am about to have two boys and life is about to get messy. The fact that I can just roll it up, throw it in the wash, and not have to worry about little messes or spills is going to be a lifesaver for me. Another great thing for all my mama’s out there, this rug is completely natural. No harsh chemicals or materials were used in the making of our Lorena Canal rug so I don’t have to worry about my little guys playing on it and brushing up against their skin. I officially need one of these rugs in every single room in my house!

2017-10-12_0026.jpg* I recieved the Lorena Canal rug for free in collaboration with their company, all opionions are my own.

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Olivia | Simple Babyhood Session

I was lucky enough to shoot this sweet girl’s newborn session back in December so to have the opportunity to do a Simple Babyhood Session was such a dream come true! Watching past clients grow is one of the BEST parts about my job as a photographer.

And can we just talk about those cactus bloomers for a second? I mean come on, I have never seen such cuteness!

Thank you again Julie and Russell for allowing me to capture such precious memories of your baby girl.


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Maureen & Randy | Scottsdale, AZ Maternity Photographer

This sweet couple flew in all the way from Michigan to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their little girl and we were able to sneak in a quick maternity session during their trip! Looking at them, you never would have known it was 110 degrees out, HA! This couple + this location + that white dress + the adorable baby bump = one amazing session!

Here are a couple of my favorites from our session together!


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